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Arthritis Relief book by Steve Blake

Arthritis Relief

Steve Blake, ScD


"I'm writing you this e-mail to express my

gratitude for the information you gave

during the arthritis class earlier this year. 

I decided to follow virtually all of it and

have noticed a big difference in my

chronic pain level, energy and sleep habits;

all have improved."
Marian Abbott

January, 2016


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Please watch the video below to

see some of the approaches in my book,
Arthritis Relief




Please see below for the back cover,
table of contents,
and the scientific references.

Back cover of Arthritis Relief book by Steve Blake

Neuroscience nutrition foundation


Chapter 1: What is osteoarthritis? 1
Osteoarthritis vs. Rheumatoid Arthritis 2
Keeping our Cartilage 3
Nourishing our Cartilage 4
Risk Factors 4
Chapter 2: Movement and Activity 6
Shoe Insoles for Hip and Knee Arthritis 7
Chapter 3: A Healthy Weight Loss Diet 8
Limiting some nutrients 8
Excess Sugar 8
Vegetables 9
Grains and nuts 9
Beans 10
Happy results from a weight loss plant-based diet 10
Chapter 4: Medical Therapies for Arthritis 12
Treatment-Caused Illness and NSAIDs 13
Acetaminophen 13
COX-2 pain pills 14
Chapter 5: Quenching inflammation 15
Arachidonic acid and inflammation 18
A holistic approach 19
Dietary changes are powerful 19
Inflammation and Omega-3s 20
Omega-3s in diets 22
Fish oil 23
Vitamin E in eggs 24
Chapter 6: Antioxidants 26
Vitamin C 27
Antioxidants and cartilage 28
Vitamin E 30
Vitamin E sources 32
Macadamia nuts 32
Chocolate 33
Chapter 7: Anti-inflammatory plants and inflammatory meat 34
Soy reduces breast cancer 36
Endotoxins in meat 36
Chapter 8: Advanced Glycation Endproducts 38
Formation of AGEs 39
Chapter 9: Lubricating joints 42
Beans 43
Chapter 10: Building collagen 45
Vitamin C and collagen 45
Iron, copper, manganese, and collagen 47
Manganese and collagen 48
Nuts and seeds are good sources of these minerals 49
Diet records 49
Supplements and toxicity 50
Chapter 11: Supplements for arthritis 51
SAMe 51
Avocado soy unsaponifiables 53
Glucosamine sulfate 55
Chondroitin sulfate 57
Chapter 12: Medical Plants for Arthritis 59
Cat’s Claw 59
Devil’s claw 60
Boswellia 60
Chapter 13: Formulas for arthritis 64
An Ayurvedic Plant Formula 64
A Western Medical Plant Formula 65
A sponsored study of an arthritis formula 65
An Internet Formula 66
A box store formula 67
Chapter 14: Other approaches to arthritis 68
Nightshade plants 68
MSM 68
Alcoholic beverages for pain relief 70
Topical Treatments for Arthritic Joints 71
Hyaluronic Acid 71

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