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Autism: A Spectrum of Improvement

Steve Blake, ScD

March, 2018


My goal in writing this book is to present
safe methods to improve behavior in
autism spectrum disorder individuals.
The therapies presented here are chosen
because there are clinical studies in
medical journals verifying their effectiveness.
I hope to help readers understand some of
the dietary factors that may improve behavior.
It may be wise to avoid foods that increase
undesirable behavior. It may be wise to add
certain nutrients to improve behavior.
I understand that it may be difficult to
change the diet of someone who dislikes change.
The helpful therapies that I present may
not be used by medical doctors because
they are not medicine. Finding safe, effective
nutritional therapies is my passion.
Please let me know how your child improves.
Thank you, Steve Blake

Please see below for the table of contents
and the scientific references.


Autism: A Spectrum of Improvement back cover

Neuroscience nutrition foundation


Table of Contents