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Parkinson's DIsease, Dietary Regulation of Dopamine by Steve Blake front cover.

Parkinson's Disease: Dietary Regulation of

Dopamine, 2nd Edition

Steve Blake, ScD

February 2017


In this book I outline a four-step plan for Parkinson's disease.

1) The first step is to relieve the symptoms and allow

levodopa (and tyrosine) to work more effectively.

Lowering protein intake to just what we need,

rather than the usual excess, allows our bodies to

transport both levodopa and tyrosine to the brain.

I document studies where this one change has cut symptoms in half.

2) A second step is to eat certain foods that increase

the expression of tyrosine hydroxylase to allow

more dopamine to be made inside our bodies.

Sesame tahini is one example. Have you ever

wondered how all those dopamine-producing

neurons in the brain were killed off?

3) The third approach is to identify the specific

environmental pollutants to avoid in order to

preserve the remaining dopamine-producing cells.

4) Finally, we must protect our brain cells from

further damage to ensure that there is

no further progression of Parkinson's disease.

Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory foods are the key here.


My hope is that this book helps you as much

as it has helped those we have worked with,

Steve Blake, author.

$9.95 to download the entire 156 page book

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Below is a video describing parts of my approach to
Reducing risk and symptoms in Parkinson's disease:


Parkinson's DIsease, Dietary Regulation of Dopamine by Steve Blake back cover.

"We plan to continue the diet and it has been helpful to discover

that it is not as hard to do, as we anticipated.

There's nothing like good results to keep us motivated."

Wife and caregiver of a 35-year Parkinson's patient.


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