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Stop Strokes Before they Start by Steve Blake

Stop Strokes Before they Start


Steve Blake, ScD


February 2016


Strokes can vary from unnoticed to devastating.

They can bring a burden of care for loved ones.

Strokes are largely preventable.


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Stop Strokes Before they Start by Steve Blake

Neuroscience nutrition foundation


Table of Contents


Introduction 2
Table of Contents 4
Table of Figures 8
Chapter One: About Strokes 9
Stroke warning signs 12
Types of strokes 14
Ischemic strokes 16
Hemorrhagic strokes 19
Chapter Two: Stroke risk factors that you control 21
Blood pressure is the biggest risk factor for stroke 22
Blood pressure and animal fat 23
Blood pressure and sodium 23
Healthy foods to lower blood pressure 24
Of course, being slim really helps lower your risk of stroke 26
Aerobic exercise and blood pressure 26
Chapter Three: How to NOT get a stroke 27
How do we lower blood cholesterol and arterial plaque? 30
Protecting LDL from oxidation 31
Crystallized cholesterol 32
Diabetes and stroke 33
Insulin resistance and dietary fats 34
Diabetes and antioxidants 36
Food choices, weight loss, and strokes 37
Chapter Four: Inflammation and arterial disease 38
Quercetin, a plant-based anti-inflammatory 40
How quercetin quenches inflammation 41
Genistein 42
Indole-3-carbinol 44
Food that increases inflammation 45
Endotoxins 45
Neu5Gc 47
Chapter Five: Antioxidants 49
Antioxidants in food 51
LDL and how it is made 53
Vitamin E to protect LDL and arteries 55
Vitamin E, prostacyclins and reduced arterial plaque 58
Sources of vitamin E 59
A very low fat diet 60
Absorption of antioxidants on a very low-fat diet 61
Diets high and low in antioxidants 64
Antioxidants that we make in our bodies 66
Chapter Six: Omega-3 fatty acids and strokes 69
Clotting and omega-3s 69
Omega-3s and inflammation 71
Balancing fatty acids 71
Sources of omega-3 fatty acids 75
Increasing inflammation with arachidonic acid 77
What about fish oil? 79
Contamination of fish oil 80
Rancid fish oil 81
Production of EPA and DHA in our bodies 83
Chapter Seven: Food to lower stroke risk 84
Reduce stroke risk with Fruit 84
Reduce stroke risk with Vegetables 85
Nuts and vitamin E to reduce stroke risk 86
Whole grains to lower stroke risk and blood pressure 87
Fiber lowers stroke risk 88
White rice and stroke risk 89
Soy foods and stroke risk 91
Tea, Coffee and stroke risk 94
Soda pop and stroke risk 95
Chapter Eight: Supplements and stroke risk 97
How much vitamin C do you need? 97
Selenium and strokes 100
Other important trace minerals to prevent oxygen damage to brain cells 101
Cacao 102
Green tea to reduce stroke risk 103
Resveratrol from red grapes 104
Chapter Nine: Supplements that help during and after a stroke 108
Vitamin D and inflammation 108
How much vitamin D? 110
Carotenoids help after a stroke 112
Proanthocyanidins for stroke protection 114
Curcumin from turmeric to limit stroke damage 115
Boswellia reduces injury after a stroke 116
Alpha-lipoic acid protects the brain 118
Chapter Ten: A stroke prevention program 119
Index 121
References 128