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Medicianl Plant Names

by Dr. Steve Blake, ScD, MH
Registered Herbalist, AHG


Medicinal Plant Names is a 313 page electronic book in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format. It is an indispensable guide to all who work with medicinal plants. Common names of herbs are easy to translate to botanical names with this essential guide. Quickly look up foreign names for medicinal plants in many languages.

Did you ever look for a plant with a common name such as buffalo herb (alfalfa)? Have you ever needed to translate a foreign herb name like cot chu (the Vietnamese name for psoralia seeds)? Have you ever read a reference to an obsolete botanical name such as hydrocotyle Asiatica (gotu kola)? There are 7900 such translations in this book.

This book is in two parts. Part I lists over 700 medicinal plants followed by their botanical name, family name, foreign names, and other various names. Summaries of each medicinal plant are included for most of these plants.

Part II will help you find the common name of medicinal plants from an alternate name. This book lists over 7900 names including foreign, ethnic, alternate, botanical, and family names of medicinal plants. These names are translated to the common name. The names are drawn from hundreds of books and references from 35 different countries.

Once a name has been translated into a common name, the common name can be looked up in Part I. In this electronic book, you may use the find feature (an icon like binoculars) to quickly go to any word or phrase.

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Medicinal Plant Names was compiled by Steve Blake, Master Herbalist and author of Healing Medicine. Dr. Blake also holds a Doctorate in Holistic Health and is a professional member of the AHG.

A Few Excerpts from the Full Book
By Steve Blake AHG, DSc, Master Herbalist
Available from LifeLong Press
Copyright 2004 Steve Blake

Part I
Medicinal Plants and their Names

Acacia Arabica

ACACIA ARABICA is known by the following names:  Acacia,  Acacia Arabica, Babhoola - Sanskrit, Babhul - Hindi & Napalese, Babla - Bengali, Babool - Unani,  Babool Baum - German, Babul, Babul Tree,  Huanlong Kyain - Burmese, Indogom - Japenese,  Kikar,  Mughilan - Arabian and Ummughiion - Persian.


ACONITE is known by the following names: Monkshood, Aconite, Aconitum Napellus. Aconite ( Processed), Aconito - Spain, Aconito Napello - Italian, Aconitum Carmichaeli Debx.,  Aconitum Sp., Blauer Eisenhut - German,  Blue Rocket,  Bushi - Japanese, Duivelskruid - Dutch, European Monkshood - United States,  Kaplanbogan - Turkey, Monkshood - English, Monkshood - Europe,  Prepared Accessory Root of Szechuan Acon, Puja - Korean, Radix Lateralis Aconiti Carmichaeli, Ranunculaceae,   Ranunculaceae Family, Stormhat - Danish, Tue Loup - French, Uva Verga - Spanish and Yoshu-tori-kabuto.


Adonis- Adonis Vernalis -  found in central and southeast Europe.  Has been used as a heart tonic to dilate arteries.  Can be poisonous even in small amounts. Major known constituents: glycosides including cymarin. 

ADONIS is known by the following names:  Adoine - French, Adonis,  Adonis Vernal - Spain,  Adonis Vernalis,  Adonisroschen - German,  Duivelsoog - Dutch, Eliboro Falso - Spanish, Helleboreblack - Europe, Ilkbahar Kanavci Otu - Turkey, Ox Eye - English and Yellow Pheasant’s Eye.


Agrimony- Agrimonia Pilosa-  acts as a hemostatic by slowing excessive blood flow. Has anti-inflammatory qualities, especially in patients with conjunctivitis. Has inhibitory effects against certain strains of bacteria: staphylococcus aureus, bacillus subtilis, and myobacterium tuberculosis. Major known constituents:  pollen typhae augustatae, isorhamnetin, pentacosane, sitosterol, palmitic acid, and a-typhasterol.

AGRIMONY is known by the following names:  Rosaceae Family,  Agrimonia Eupatoria,  Agrimony. Ackermennig - German, Agrimonia - Portuguese,  Agrimonia - Spain,  Agrimonia - Spanish,  Agrimonia Eupatori, Agrimonia Eupatorii, Agrimonia Pilosa,  Agrimonia Pilosa Ledeb. Var. Japonica,  Agrimony - English, Agrimony - UK - Wales, Aprobojtorjan - Hungary, Church Steeples, Egrimony - Greece, Erba Da Andata - Italian,  Eupatoire Des Anciens - French, Ghafath - Iraq,  Herba Agrimoniae, Herba Agrimoniae Pilosae,  Kasikotu - Turkey,  Leverkruid - Dutch, Odermennig - Germany,  Red-crowned Crane Plant,  Rosaceae, Rose Family, Senkakuso - Japanese,  Sonhakch’o - Korean and Xianhecao.


Alfalfa-  Medicago Sativa-  thought to originate in north Africa. It exists in many different forms.  A very high source of vitamin C, also a source of chlorophyll and vitamin K. Used as a diuretic and an anti-hemorrhaging agent. Major known constituents: protein, fat, vitamins C, B1, B12, D, E, K1, provitamin A, several mineral salts including potassium, calcium, and phosphorus; choline, trimethylamine, betaine, alfalfa saponin, an alkaloid, stachydrine; a bitter principle and a hormonal substance, coumestrol.

ALFALFA is known by the following names: Medicago Sativa, Alfalfa, Lucerne, Purple Medic. Alfalfa - United States, Buffalo  Herb, Fabaceae Family, Jatt - Iraq, Kaba Yonca - Turkey, Leguminosae Family,  Mielga - Spain, Mu Su - China, Mu Zu - China, Sai Pi Li Ka - China,  Yonja - Kurdistan and Yonja - Turkey.


ALLSPICE is known by the following names:  Allspice,  Myrataceae Family,  Myrtaceae Family, Pimenta Dioica and Pimento Officinalis.


Aloe- Aloe Vera- the gel decreases healing time when applied on wounds and burns and is quite safe, even internally.  Alcohol extractions of aloe have shown inhibitory effects on the growth of certain neoplastic tumors. The aloe extract of a yellow sap from under the skin of the leaves acts as a potent purgative to clear constipation. It is this yellow sap that is hazardous. Major known constituents:  aloin, p-coumaric acid, glucose, aldopentose, calcium oxalate. 

ALOE is known by the following names:  Aloe Barbadensis, Aloe Vera, Lu Hui - China,  Aloe, Aloe Ferox,  Kumari, Liliaceae, Liliaceae  Family. A. Vera L.,  Aloe  Prryi,  Aloe - Florida, Aloe - Germany,  Aloe Dera L. Var. Chinensis ( Haw.) Berg, Aloe Officinalis,  Aloe Perfoliata Var Vera,  Aloe Sp., Aloe Vera Leaf ( Aloe Barbadensis),  Aloe Vera Resin ( Aloe Ferox),  Aloe Vulgaris,  Aloes - Haiti,  Aloes Des Jardins - Haiti, Aloes Do Cabo - Brazil,  Cape Or Spiked Aloes, Dried Concentrate of The Juice of Aloe,  Hepatic Aloes, Herba Aloes, Hsiang Tan - China,  Laloi - Haiti,  Lalois - Haiti, Liliaceae Family,  No Hui - China, Nu Hui - China,  Sabila - Dominican Republic,  Sarisabir - Turkey, Siang Tan - China, Zabida - Venezuela,  Zabila - Dominican Republic,  Zabila - Haiti, Zabila - Mexico and Zabila - Venezuela.

Alpine Ragwort

Alpine Ragwort- Senecio Jacobaea-  mainly used to cleanse. The juice is used in healing wounds and to cleanse ulcers externally.  As a bath it is used to help aches and pains and decrease swelling. As an ointment it is used for inflammation of the eyes.  Ragwort may irritate the liver if taken internally; therefore, external use is recommended.  Major known constituents: essential oil, rutin, an alkaloid and mucilage.

ALPINE RAGWORT is known by the following names:  Alpine Ragwort,  Asteraceae Family,  Compositae, Daisy Family,  Heydisch Wundkrut,  Senecia Nemoeensis Ssp. Fuchsii and Senecio Fuchsii.

Alum Root

Alum Root-  Heuchera Americana- has antibiotic effects against certain bacteria such as b-hemolytic streptococcus, s. Pneumoniae, corynebacterium diphtheriae, and tichomonas vaginalis. Alum is almost always applied externally, overdoses can cause ulceration, vomiting, diarrhea, and shock. Major known constituents:  basic potassium aluminum.

ALUM ROOT is known by the following names:   Alum Root,  Alumroot - Amerindian,  Heuchera Americana and Saxifragaceae  Family.


AMALAKI is known by the following names: Euphorbiaceae Family. Amalaki, Ambolaki - Bengali,  Amla - Hindi, Amlaka - India,  An Mo Le - Chinese, Aunlah - Bengali,  Dhatri, Emblic Myrobalan - English,  Emblica Officinalis,  Indian Gooseberry,  Phyllanthus Emblica,  Siva - Sanskrit and Sriphala - Sanskrit.


Amaranth- Amaranthus Hypoghondriacus-  native of tropics and American central states.  Used externally as an astringent and as a wash for ulcers, and internally as a gargle for an ulcerated mouth and to reduce tissue swelling. Major constituents:  mucilage and sugars. 

AMARANTH is known by the following names:  Pigweed Amaranth, Amaranthaceae  Family, Amaranthus Caudatus, Amaranthus Hypochondriacus Et S., Cheno Family,  Chenopodium Album and Sp.,  Chih Hsien - China, Dirtweed,  Frost Blite,  Horozobigi - Turkey,  Hsien - China, Hsien Tai - China, Lamb’s Quarters, Love Lies Bleeding,  Mutton Top and White Goosefoot.

American Ginseng

American Ginseng- Panax Quinquefolium- first imported into China from Canada in 1718. Now cultivated in Wisconsin and exported to the east.  Used for a wide variety of conditions, but particularly beneficial where increased mental and physical efficiency is required or where one is exposed to internal and external physiological stress factors such as aging, surgery or disease.  American ginseng has been termed an adaptogen to explain the normalizing effect the active ingredients have on the body.  Main constituents:  saponin, panaxin, panax acid, ginsenin, glycoside, panaquilon, ginsennosides, phytosterols, hormones, vitamins b1 and b2, and mucilage. 

AMERICAN GINSENG is known by the following names:  American Ginseng,  American Ginseng - English, American Ginseng Root, Amerikaanse Ginseng - Dutch, Amerikanischer Ginseng - German, Ginseng - United States, Panax Quinquefolium, Panax Quinquefolium L.,  Radix Panacis Quinquefolii, Seiyojin - Japanese and Soyangsam - Korean.


Amla- Phyllanthus Emblica- a mild laxative, bactericide and fungicide.  Major constituents: protein, selenium, vitamins B1, B2 and C, manganese, magnesium, kaempferol, fiber, calcium and linoleic and linolenic acids. 

AMLA is known by the following names:  Emblic Myrobalan. Amalaki,  Amla, Amlaka - India,  Dhatri, Emblica Officinalis, Euphorbiaceae Family,  Indian Gooseberry and Phyllanthus Emblica.


Angelica- Angelica Dahurica- an antimicrobial agent inhibiting various species of shigella and salmonella.  Used in the eyes as a burn ointment effective in promoting healing of corneal ulcers secondary to flash burns. When inhaled through the nostrils, opens the nasal passage to alleviate nasal congestion and headache.  Major known constituents: 3-butyphthalide and cnidilide.

ANGELICA is known by the following names:  Angelica Archangelica,  Angelica, Garden Angelica, Umbelliferae Family ( Carrot). A. Dahurica ( Fisch. Ex Hoffm.),  Angelica - Europe,  Angelica - Spain, Angelica Dahurica ( Fisch. Ex Hoffm.), Angelica Glauca, Angelica Officinalis, Angelica Root, Angelica Selvatica - Italian,  Angelica Silvestris - a Wild Variety, Angelica Sp.,  Angerika, Apiaceae Family, Benth. Et Hook F., Byakushi - Japanese, Chien Tu - China,  Chinese Angelica Root,  Choraka,  Dang Gui, Dong Quai, Engelique Des Bois - French, Engelwurz - Germany, Masterwort,  Melekotu - Turkey,  Paegchi - Korean, Radix Angelicae Dahuricae, Tang Kuei, Umbelliferae,  Umbelliferae Family,  Wald Brustwurz - German,  Wild Angelica - United States and Wilde Engelwortel - Dutch.

Angelica Root Oil

ANGELICA ROOT OIL is known by the following names:   Angelica Archangelica,  Angelica Oil, Angelica Root Oil and Umbelliferae Family.

Anise Seed

Anise Seed- Pimpinella Anisum- one of the most ancient of spices cultivated primarily by the Egyptians and later by the Greeks and Arabs. Used as a mild expectorant, a weak diuretic, a laxative and an antispasmodic.  Also aides in digestion and improves the appetite by promoting gastric secretions. Major constituents:  anethole, methyl chavicol, starch, choline and sugars. 

ANISE SEED is known by the following names:  Pimpinella Anisum,  Anise,  Huai Hsiang - China,  Huei Hsiang - China,  Pa Yueh Chu - China, Umbelliferae Family. Anason - Turkey,  Anasur - Turkey,  Anis - Spain, Anise - Europe,  Anise Seed, Aniseed, Anisu, Anisun - Iraq,  Apiaceae, Raziyana - Kurdistan,  Umbelliferae  Family and Velaiti Saunf - India.

Aniseed Oil

ANISEED OIL is known by the following names:   Anise,  Anise Seed Oil, Aniseed Oil, Pimpinella Anisum, Umbelliferae Family and Velaiti Saunf.

Antipyretic Dichroa

ANTIPYRETIC DICHROA is known by the following names:   Antipyretic Dichroa,  Changshan,  Dichroa Febrifuga,  Eternal Mountain, Mount Eternity,  Radix Dichroae and Saxifragaceae Family.

Apricot Kernel

Apricot Kernel- Armeniaca Tulgaris-  it’s original habitat is northern China, the Himalayan region and other parts of temperate Asia.  It’s main employment is in cosmetics, for its softening action on the skin. The main constituents are: a fixed oil containing olein and a glyceride of linolic acid, and an essential oil containing the glucoside amygdalin. 

APRICOT KERNEL is known by the following names:  Apricot Kernel,  Apricot Kernels,  Apricot Seed, Apricot Seed Or Kernel,  Bitter Almond,  Kyonin - Japanese,  Laetrile, Pruni Armeniacae,  Prunus Armeniaca, Prunus Armeniaca L. Var. Ansu Maxim.,  Rosaceae, Rosaceae Family, Sain - Korean and Semen Pruni Armeniacae.

Aquilariae Lignum

Aquilariae, Lignum- Aquilaria Agallocha- an antimicrobial agent, acts against the mycobacterium tuberculosis and shigella flexneri bacteria. Major known constituents:  agarospirol, agarol, agarofuran, nor-ketoagarofuran, selinane, benzylacetone, p- methoxybenzylacetone. 

AQUILARIAE LIGNUM is known by the following names:  A. Sinensis, Aloeswood, Aquilaria, Aquilaria Agallocha Roxb., Aquilariae Lignum,  Ch’imhyang - Korean,  Chen Xiang, Jinko- - Japanese, Lignum Aquilariae and Thymelaeaceae.

Aralia Racemosa

Aralia Racemosa-  American Spikenard- distributed throughout north America, New Zealand and Japan. The part most frequently used is the root. It is a mild stimulant, diaphoretic and alterative.  Used also for pulmonary affections. Major constituents:  volatile oil, resin and tannin.

ARALIA RACEMOSA is known by the following names:   Aralia Californica and Aralia Racemosa.


ARISTOLOCHIA is known by the following names:  Aristolochia,  Aristolochia Debilis Sieb. Et Zucc.,  Aristolochia Fruit, Aristolochiaceae,  Birthwort Fruit,  Fructus Aristolochiae and Maduryong - Korean.


ARJUN is known by the following names: Arjuna,  Terminalia Arjuna. Anjani - Hindi,  Arjun,  Arjuna Myrobalan, Combretaceae Family, Dhananjaya - Sanskrit, Dhavala - Sanskrit,  Kahu - Bengali, Kakubha - Sanskrit,  Kaunteya - Sanskrit,  Kukubha,  Nadisarjja - Sanskrit,  Partha - Sanskrit, Virataru - Sanskrit and White Murdah - English.


Arnica- Arnica Montana-  distributed amongst the central and northern regions of the northern hemisphere.  Used as a natural stimulant and diuretic.  It is an irritant to the digestive tract and kidneys. Homeopathic doses are effective in sprains and bruises as well as epilepsy, seasickness and possibly as hair growth stimulants.  Used as a gargle for treating inflammations of the throat.  Has been shown to initially lower blood pressure then later increase it. Increases biliary secretions.  Can be toxic if taken internally. Repeated external use may cause skin irritation. Major constituents:  polyacetylenic compounds, flavones, arnicin, phulin, and inulin. 

ARNICA is known by the following names:  Arnica Montana, Arnica,  Arnica - Spain. Arnica - Chile, Asteraceae Family, Compositae Family,  Dagtutunu - Turkey and Leopard’s Bane.


AROGYVARDHINI is known by the following names:   Arogya Vardhani and Arogyvardhini.

Arrow Root

ARROW ROOT is known by the following names:  Arrow Root,  Curcuma Angustifolia, Curcuma Starch,  Scitaminaceae Family and Tavakshiri.


Artichoke- Cynara Scolymus- native to North Africa.  Not only a delicacy, but an important medicinal herb to the medieval arabic physicians. It has proven remedial effects on the liver by stimulating liver cell regeneration and action. Also used to improve jaundiced conditions, aid digestion; act as an antidyspeptic and a diuretic. Major constituents:  cynarine, polyphenolic acids, flavonoids, tannins, catalases, peroxydases, cynarase, oxydases, ascorbinases, and provitamin A.

ARTICHOKE is known by the following names: Artichaut - Haiti. Alcachofa - Dominican Republic, Alcachofera - Spain, Artichoke, Artichoke - Europe,  Cynara Scolymus,  Daisy Family, Globe Artichoke and Tyosen-azami.


Asafoetida- Ferula Foetida-  used as a nerve stimulant, an antispasmodic and an expectorant. It is very effective in some nervous conditions such as asthma, bronchitis and whooping cough.  It has a strong odor similar to garlic. Major constituents: volatile oil, resin, gum, ferulic acid, terpenes, disulphides, and pinene.

ASAFOETIDA is known by the following names:  Hingu. a Wei, a Wei - Chinese, Asafoetida,  Asafoetida Ferula,  Bahlika - Sanskrit, Devil’s Dung - English,  Ferula Asafoetida,  Ferula Foetida, Ferule De Perse - French,  Hing, Hing - Hindi,  Hingu - Bengali,  O Oui - Chinese, Ramatha - Sanskrit and Umbelliferae Family.


ASHOK is known by the following names: Saraca Indica. Ashok,  Ashoka, Asoka, Caesalpiniaceae Family,  Kankelli and Leguminosae Family.


Ashwaganda- Withania Somnifera-  a natural diuretic, tonic and antibacterial.  It has been used for coughs, tumors and arthritis in ayurvedic traditions. Major constituents: rennet, alkaloids, choline, cysteine, nicotine, scopoletin and tropine. 

ASHWAGANDA is known by the following names:  Ashwagandha,  Withania Somnifera. Ajagandha - India,  Ashvagandha,  Ashwaganda, Balada - Sanskrit, Kanaje Hindi - Iraq, N.o. Solanaceae, Orovale - Spain, Physalis Flexuosa, Punir - Hindi, Samm Al Ferakh - Iraq, Solanaceae Family, Strychnos - Greece,  Turagagandha - Sanskrit,  Vajigandha and Winter Cherry.

Asparagus Root

Asparagus Root- Asparagus Cochinchinensis- has an in vitro inhibitory effect against the deoxygenase of leukemic cells in both acute lymphocytic, chronic granulocytic, and acute mononuclear leukemic cell populations.  Also has an antibiotic effect against many pathogenic bacteria. Major known ingredients: asparagi cochinchinensisne, b-sitosterol, smilagenin, 5-methoxymethylfurfural, rhamnose.

ASPARAGUS ROOT is known by the following names:  Asparagus Officinalis. Asbaragus - Iraq,  Asparagus,  Asparagus - Europe, Asparagus Cochinchinensis ( Lour.) Merr.,  Asparagus Root, Asparagus Tuber, Asperge - Haiti, Ch’onmundong - Korean, Esparrago - Dominican Republic,  Esparraguera - Spain, Halyun - Iraq, Kuskonmaz - Turkey,  Liliaceae Family, Matuba-udo,  Tenmondo - Japanese,  Tien Men Tung - China and Tuber Asparagi Cochinchinensis.

Aster Root

Aster Root- Aster Tataricus- has been shown to have an expectorant, suppressant effect on coughs. Also has an inhibitory effect on bacteria including shigella sonnei, E. Coli, vibrio proteus and pseudomonas aeruginosa.  Major known ingredients:  epifriedelinol, friedelin, shionone, astersaponin, quercetin, lachnophyllol acetate, anethole, oleic acid, and aromatic acid. 

ASTER ROOT is known by the following names:  Aster, Aster Root,  Aster Tartaricus, Aster Tataricus L.,  Chawan - Korean,  Compositae Family,  Compositea, Purple Aster Root, Red Stalked Aster and Shion - Japanese.


Astragalus- Astragalus Membranaceous-  an immunostimulant, tonic, diuretic, anti-inflammatory, adaptogenic and sedative. Has been used for allergies, candida and aids. Major known constituents:  betaine, choline, flavones, glycosides, b-sitosterol and astragalosides. 

ASTRAGALUS is known by the following names:  Astragalus, Astragalus Mongolicus, Huang Qi,  Yellow Vetch. A. Chinensis L.,  A. Membranaceus Bge. Var. M., Astragalus Benryi, Astragalus Boantchy - French,  Astragalus Complanatus R. Br.,  Astragalus Hoantchy,  Astragalus Membranaceous,  Astragalus Membranaceus,  Astragalus Membranaceus ( Fisch.) Bge., Astragalus Membranaceus ( Mongbolicus),  Astragalus Membranicus, Astragalus Seed, Flattened Milkvetch Seed,  Hsiao,  Huang Chi - China,  Hwanggi - Korean, Leguminosae, Leguminosae Family,  Membranous Milk Vetch,  Milk Vetch Root,  Milk-vetch Root,  Ogi - Japanese, Pea Family,  Radix Astragali, Radix Astragali Membranaceus,  Semen Astragali Complanati and Toshitsuri - Japanese.


Atractylodes- Atractylodes Alba- a diuretic, tonic and carminative. Used for fatigue with sweating and water retention. Major known constituents:  arsenic, essential oil, atractylol and atractylon. 

ATRACTYLODES is known by the following names:  Atractylodes. A. Chinensis, Atractylodes ( Black) Rhizome, Atractylodes ( White) Rhizome, Atractylodes Alba, Atractylodes Lancea Thunb.,  Atractylodes Macrocephala Koidz., Byakujutsu - Japanese, Ch’angch’ul - Korean,  Compositae, Compositae Family,  Paekch’ul - Korean and Rhizoma Atractylodis.

Part II
The Names of Medicinal Plants

A Wei - Chinese  See - Asafoetida 
Abda - Sanskrit  See - Cyperus
Abel Mosk Oil  See - Musk Mallow Oil
Abelmoschus Moschatus  See - Musk Mallow Oil
Abelmosco - Italian  See - Musk Mallow Oil
Abelmosco - Spanish  See - Musk Mallow Oil
Abeto - Spain  See - Terebinth Oil
Abeto Bianco - Italian See - Terebinth Oil 
Abhaya - India See - Haritaki
Abhaya - Sanskrit  See - Haritaki 
Abhiru - Sanskrit  See - Shatavari
Abhra  See - Abrak Bhasma 
Abies Alba See - Terebinth Oil 
Abies Pectinata  See - Terebinth Oil
Abies Sibirica Ledeb See - Pine Needle Oil 
Abrak Bhasma See - Abrak Bhasma
Abrojo - Spain See - Caltrop 
Abrotano Hembra - Spain  See - Lavender-Cotton Oil
Absinthe - Egypt See - Wormwood
Absinthe Batarde - Haiti See - Wormwood
Abu Agni See - Cyperus 
Abukhanjar - Iraq  See - Nasturtium 
Abutilan Indicum See - Bala
Abutilon Seeds See - Musk Mallow Oil 
Abutilon Theophrasti See - Musk Mallow Oil 
Acacia See - Acacia Arabica
Acacia Arabica See - Acacia Arabica
Acacia Catechu ( L.) See - Gambir
Acacia Decurrens See - Mimosa Oil
Acacia Senegal See - Mimosa Oil
Acanthaceae ( Baph.) See - Isatis
Acanthaceae Family See - Gentian 
Acanthaceae Family See - Vasa
Acanthopanacis Gracilistylus See - Siberian Ginseng
Acanthopanax Gracilistylus See - Rheumatism Ginseng
Acanthopanax Gracilistylus W. W. Smith.  See - Siberian Ginseng 
Acanthopanax Root Bark See - Siberian Ginseng
Acanthopanax Sessiflorus See - Rheumatism Ginseng
Acanthropanax Root Bark  See - Slender Acanthopanax Root Bark 
Ach’a - Korean See - Gambir
Ach’ul - Korean  See - Zedoaria 
Ache - French  See - Celery Seeds 
Achillea Millefolium See - Yarrow
Achillea Millefolium See - Yarrow Oil
Ackermennig - German See - Agrimony
Aconite  See - Aconite
Aconite ( Processed) See - Aconite 
Aconito - Spain  See - Aconite
Aconito Napello - Italian  See - Aconite
Aconitum Carmichaeli Debx. See - Aconite 
Aconitum Napellus  See - Aconite
Aconitum Sp. See - Aconite 
Acore Aromatique - French  See - Calamus
Acore Vrai - French  See - Calamus
Acoreus Gramineus  See - Calamus
Acori Graminae See - Calamus 
Acoris - French  See - Calamus
Acoro Aromatico - Italian  See - Calamus
Acorus See - Calamus 
Acorus Calamus See - Calamus 
Acorus Calamus See - Fenugreek Seeds 
Acorus Gramineus Soland. See - Calamus 
Acrid Lettuce  See - Wild Lettuce 
Actaea Cimicifuga  See - Black Cohosh 
Actaea Racemosa  See - Black Cohosh 
Actee A Grappes - French See - Black Cohosh
Ada - Bengali  See - Ginger 
Adancha - Korean See - Brucea Javanica 
Adasogani - Turkey See - Scilla
Addeers Mouth  See - Chickweed
Adelfa - Cuba  See - Oleander 
Adelfa - Dominican Republic  See - Oleander 
Adelfa - Spain See - Oleander
Adhabrini - Bengali  See - Gotu Kola
Adhan As Sakhlah - Iraq  See - Plantain 
Adhota Vasika  See - Vasa 
Adi Cigerotu - Turkey  See - Lungwort 
Adi Erikotu - Turkey See - Self Heal 
Adi Mercankosk - Turkey  See - Oregano
Adi Nane - Turkey  See - Peppermint 
Adi Suterisi - Turkey  See - Watercress 
Adoine - French  See - Adonis 
Adonis See - Adonis
Adonis Vernal - Spain  See - Adonis 
Adonis Vernalis  See - Adonis 
Adonisroschen - German See - Adonis
Adorna Patio - Dominican Republic  See - Vinca Rosea
Adrakh - Hindi See - Ginger
Aefolium Wild. See - Bupleurum Root
Aegle Marmelos See - Bilva 
Aerial Parts Of Epimedium  See - Epimedium
Aesculus Hippocastanum See - Horse Chestnut
African Pepper See - Cayenne Pepper
Afrika Bamyasi - Turkey  See - Hibiscus 
Afus - Iraq  See - Thuja
Agada - Sanskrit See - Kustha Mula 
Agastache Rugosa Seu See - Patchouli 
Agastache Rugosus  See - Patchouli
Aghu - Turkey  See - Oleander 
Agni-Shikha  See - Chitrak
Agno Casto - Italian See - Vitex 
Agnocasto - Spanish  See - Vitex
Agracejo - Spain See - Barberry
Agri Turki - Iran  See - Calamus
Agrimonia - Portuguese See - Agrimony
Agrimonia - Spain  See - Agrimony 
Agrimonia - Spanish  See - Agrimony 
Agrimonia Eupatori See - Agrimony
Agrimonia Eupatoria  See - Agrimony 
Agrimonia Eupatorii  See - Agrimony 
Agrimonia Pilosa See - Agrimony
Agrimonia Pilosa Ledeb. Var. Japonica  See - Agrimony 
Agrimony See - Agrimony
Agrimony - English See - Agrimony
Agrimony - UK - Wales  See - Agrimony 
Agripalma - Spain  See - Motherwort 
Agropyron Repens See - Couchgrass
Agropyrum Repens See - Couchgrass
Aguaturma - Spain  See - Jerusalem Artichoke
Ague Tree  See - Sassafras
Aguedita - Dominican Republic  See - Cascara Amarga 
Ahiphena See - Poppy Seeds 
Ahududu - Turkey See - Raspberry Leaves
Ai - China See - Mugwort 
Ai Fu - China  See - Mugwort
Ai Hao - China See - Mugwort 
Ai Kang - China  See - Basil
Ai Pa - China  See - Mugwort
Ai Ye  See - Mugwort
Ail - France See - Garlic
Ail - Haiti  See - Garlic 
Ail De Cuisine - Haiti See - Garlic
Ain Al Bazzun - Iraq See - Vinca Rosea 
Aipo - Guiana - Akawio See - Tonka Bean Oil
Ajagandha - India  See - Ashwaganda 
Ajaji - India  See - Cumin
Ajamoda  See - Celery Seeds 
Ajenjo - Chile See - Wormwood
Ajenjo - Spain See - Wormwood
Ajenjo Oficial - Argentina See - Wormwood
Ajmoda See - Celery Seeds
Ajmud - Hindi  See - Celery Seeds 
Ajo - Cuba See - Garlic
Ajo - Dominican Republic See - Garlic
Ajo - Paraguay See - Garlic
Ajo - Puerto Rico  See - Garlic 
Ajo - Spain  See - Garlic 
Ajorizo - Dominican Republic See - Wormwood
Ajwain See - Celery Seeds
Ajwan  See - Celery Seeds 
Ak Sogut - Turkey  See - Willow 
Akame-Gasiwa - Japan See - Oak Gall
Akdiken - Turkey See - Buckthorne Bark 
Aklelmulk - Pakistan See - Calendula 
Alamaram - Tamil See - Banyan
Alamo Negro - Spain  See - Poplar 
Alazor - Spain See - Safflower 
Albahaca - Spain See - Basil 
Albahaca - Venezuela See - Basil 
Albahaca Clavo - Dominican Republic  See - Basil
Albahaquita - Dominican Republic See - Basil 
Albero Del Sego - Italian  See - Stillingia 
Albizzia See - Mimosa Oil
Alcachofa - Dominican Republic See - Artichoke 
Alcachofera - Spain  See - Artichoke
Alcaravea - Spain  See - Caraway
Alchemilla Vulgaris  See - Lady’s Mantle
Alecost - English  See - Costmary 
Alelia - Puerto Rico See - Oleander
Alexandrian Senna  See - Senna
Alfalfa  See - Alfalfa
Alfalfa - United States  See - Alfalfa
Algae  See - Iceland Moss 
Algae  See - Irish Moss 
Algae Family See - Irish Moss
Algodoeiro - Brazil  See - Cotton Root
Algodonero - Spain See - Cotton Root 
Alholva - Chile  See - Fenugreek Seeds
Alholva - Spain  See - Fenugreek Seeds
Alisma See - Water Plantain
Alisma Plantago  See - Water Plantain 
Alisma Plantago-Aquatica L. Var. Orien See - Water Plantain
Alismaceae Family  See - Water Plantain 
Alismataceae See - Water Plantain
All Heal See - Valerian Root 
Allisum Cepa See - Onion Oil 
Allium Cepa  See - Onion Oil
Allium Macrostemon See - Chinese Chive 
Allium Macrostemon Bge.  See - Chinese Chive
Allium Sativa  See - Garlic 
Allium Sativum See - Garlic
Allium Sativum See - Garlic Oil
Allium Sativum L.  See - Garlic 
Allspice See - Allspice
Alman Papatyasi - Turkey See - Chamomile 
Almazah - Iraq See - Jerusalem Artichoke 
Almond - Kentucky  See - Blackthorn 
Aloe See - Aloe
Aloe Prryi  See - Aloe 
Aloe - Florida See - Aloe
Aloe - Germany See - Aloe
Aloe Barbadensis See - Aloe
Aloe Dera L. Var. Chinensis ( Haw.) Berg See - Aloe
Aloe Ferox See - Aloe
Aloe Officinalis See - Aloe
Aloe Perfoliata Var  Vera  See - Aloe 
Aloe Sp. See - Aloe
Aloe Vera  See - Aloe 
Aloe Vera Leaf ( Aloe Barbadensis) See - Aloe
Aloe Vera Resin ( Aloe Ferox)  See - Aloe 
Aloe Vulgaris  See - Aloe 
Aloes - Haiti  See - Aloe 
Aloes Des Jardins - Haiti  See - Aloe 
Aloes Do Cabo - Brazil See - Aloe
Aloeswood  See - Aquilariae  Lignum 
Aloisia Triphylla  See - Lemon Verbena Oil
Alpine Ragwort See - Alpine Ragwort
Alpinia  See - Galangal 
Alpinia Katsumadai See - Galangal
Alpinia Officinarum  See - Galangal 
Alpinia Officinarum Hance  See - Galangal 
Alsine - Spain See - Chickweed 
Alsine Media See - Chickweed 
Alstonia Constricta - Similar  See - Rauwolfia
Altea - Peru See - Marshmallow Root
Altercum - Europe  See - Henbane
Althaea Officinalis  See - Marshmallow Root 
Althea Officianalis  See - Marshmallow Root 
Althea Officinalis See - Marshmallow Root
Altim Koku - Turkey  See - Ipecac 
Aluka  See - Wild Yam Root
Alum Root  See - Alum Root
Alumroot - Amerindian  See - Alum Root
Ama  See - Flaxseed 
Amalaki  See - Amalaki
Amalaki  See - Amla 
Amaltas - Hindi  See - Cassia Fistula 
Amana  See - Tulip
Amaranth See - Amaranth
Amaranthaceae  See - Celosia
Amaranthaceae Family See - Amaranth
Amaranthaceae Family See - Celosia 
Amarantheaceae Family  See - Suma 
Amaranthus Caudatus  See - Amaranth 
Amaranthus Hypochondriacus Et S. See - Amaranth
Amargosa - Venezuela See - Feverfew
Amaryllidaceae Family  See - Black Musali 
Amaryllidaceae Family  See - Daffodil 
Amaryllidacece Family  See - Tuberose Oil 
Amaryllideae Family  See - Sudarshan
Amaryllis Zeylanicum See - Sudarshan 
Amatilla See - Valerian Root 
Ambercicegi - Turkey See - Musk Mallow Oil 
Amberparis - Turkey  See - Barberry 
Ambolaki - Bengali See - Amalaki 
Ambrette - French  See - Musk Mallow Oil
Amerale - Belgium  See - Chamomile
American Baneberry - English See - Black Cohosh
American Ginseng See - American Ginseng
American Ginseng See - Ginseng 
American Ginseng - English See - American Ginseng
American Ginseng Root  See - American Ginseng 
American Hellebore - United States See - Hellebore American
American Horesmint - English See - Horsemint 
American Horsemint - United States See - Horsemint 
American Mandrake  See - Mandrake Root
American Veratrum  See - Hellebore American 
Amerikaanse Ceanothus - Dutch  See - Ceanothus
Amerikaanse Ginseng - Dutch  See - American Ginseng 
Amerikan Biberiyesi - Turkey See - Labrador Tea
Amerikan Ceviz Agaci - Turkey  See - Butternut Bark 
Amerikan Karaagaci - Turkey  See - Slippery Elm 
Amerikan Kartopu - Turkey  See - Black Haw
Amerikan Kurtbagri - Turkey  See - Black Haw
Amerikan Podofili - Turkey See - Mandrake Root 
Amerikan Suseni - Turkey See - Blue Flag 
Amerikanischer Ginseng - German  See - American Ginseng 
Amerikansk Slangerod - Danish  See - Black Cohosh 
Amigasa-Yuri - China See - Fritillary
Amigasa-Yuri - Japan See - Fritillary
Amla See - Amla
Amla - Hindi See - Amalaki 
Amla Vetasa  See - Yellow Dock
Amlaka - India See - Amalaki 
Amlaka - India See - Amla
Amlavetasa See - Rhubarb Root
Ammi Visnaga See - Khella
Amomedesendes - French See - Ginger
Amomum Kravanh Pierre Ex Gagnep. See - Cardamon
Amomum Villosum Lour.  See - Cardamon 
Amor De Hortelano - Spain  See - Cleavers 
Amoracia Lapathifolia  See - Horseradish
Amorphophallus Campanulatus  See - Surana 
Amorphophallus Konjac  See - Glucomannan
Amorphophallus Riveri  See - Glucomannan
Amorphophallus Riveri Var. Konjac  See - Glucomannan
Amourette - French See - Common Night Shade
Amrit  See - Guduchi
Amrita See - Guduchi 
Amultas - Bengali  See - Cassia Fistula 
An Hsi Hsiang - China  See - Benzoin
An Hsi Yu - China  See - Benzoin
An Mo Le - Chinese See - Amalaki 
An Shih Liu - China  See - Pomegranate
An Xi Xiang  See - Benzoin
Anacardiaceae Family See - Poison Oak
Anacardiaceae Family See - Siberian Ginseng
Anacardiaceae Family See - Sumac 
Anason - Turkey  See - Anise Seed 
Anasur - Turkey  See - Anise Seed 
Andraka ( Fresh) See - Ginger
Andrographis Paniculata  See - Gentian
Andropogon Schoenanthus  See - Lemon Grass
Anemone  See - Pulsatilla 
Anemone Pulsatilla See - Pulsatilla
Anemopsis Californica  See - Yerba Mansa
Anethum  Foeniculum ( Formerly)  See - Fennel Seed
Anethum Graveolens See - Dill
Anethum Graveolens See - Dill Oil
Angelica See - Angelica
Angelica - Europe  See - Angelica 
Angelica - Spain See - Angelica
Angelica Acutiloba See - Dong Quai 
Angelica Archangelica  See - Angelica 
Angelica Archangelica  See - Angelica Root Oil
Angelica Dahurica ( Fisch. Ex Hoffm.)  See - Angelica 
Angelica Glauca  See - Angelica 
Angelica Officinalis See - Angelica
Angelica Oil See - Angelica Root Oil 
Angelica Polymorpha  See - Dong Quai
Angelica Root  See - Angelica 
Angelica Root Oil  See - Angelica Root Oil
Angelica Selvatica - Italian See - Angelica
Angelica Silvestris - A Wild Variety See - Angelica
Angelica Sinensis  See - Dong Quai
Angelica Sinensis ( Oliv.) Diels See - Dong Quai 
Angelica Sinensis/ A. Polymorpha See - Dong Quai 
Angelica Sp. See - Angelica
Angerika See - Angelica
Aniba Rosaedora  See - Rosewood Oil 
Anis - Dominican Republic  See - Fennel Seed
Anis - Spain See - Anise Seed
Anis Vert - Haiti  See - Fennel Seed
Anise  See - Anise Seed 
Anise  See - Aniseed Oil
Anise - Europe See - Anise Seed
Anise Seed See - Anise Seed
Anise Seed Oil See - Aniseed Oil 
Aniseed  See - Anise Seed 
Aniseed Oil  See - Aniseed Oil
Anisu  See - Anise Seed 
Anisun - Iraq  See - Anise Seed 
Anjani - Hindi See - Arjun 
Anmi See - Khella
Anonaceae Family See - Ylang-Ylang Oil 
Anse Di Pot - Belgium  See - Mistletoe
Ansohyang - Korean See - Benzoin 
Ansokko-No-Ki  See - Benzoin
Ansokuko - Japanese  See - Benzoin
Antelope Horns See - Pleurisy Root 
Anthemis Floes See - Chamomile 
Anthemis Nobiles See - Chamomile 
Anthemis Nobilis See - Chamomile 
Anthemis Nobilis See - Chamomile Oil 
Anthemum Nobilis See - Chamomile 
Anthemus Nobile  See - Chamomile
Anthos - Greece  See - Rosemary Oil 
Antipyretic Dichroa  See - Antipyretic Dichroa
Aph ( Nw)  See - Ho Shou Wou
Apiaceae See - Anise Seed
Apiaceae Family  See - Angelica 
Apiaceae/Umbelliferae  See - Parsley
Apio - Cuba  See - Celery Seeds 
Apio - Dominican Republic  See - Celery Seeds 
Apit Bord - Spain - Balearic See - Celery Seeds
Apium  Petroselinum  See - Parsley
Apium Graveolens See - Celery Seeds
Apocynaceae  See - Star Jasmine 
Apocynaceae Family See - Gentian 
Apocynaceae Family See - Kutaja
Apocynaceae Family See - Periwinkle
Apocynaceae Family See - Rauwolfia 
Apocynaceae Family See - Star Jasmine
Apocynaceae Family See - Vinca Rosea 
Apocynum Androsaemifolium  See - Gentian
Apricot Kernel See - Apricot Kernel
Apricot Kernels  See - Apricot Kernel 
Apricot Seed See - Apricot Kernel
Apricot Seed Or Kernel See - Apricot Kernel
Aprobojtorjan - Hungary  See - Agrimony 
Aquilaria  See - Aquilariae  Lignum 
Aquilaria Agallocha Roxb.  See - Aquilariae  Lignum 
Aquilariae Lignum See - Aquilariae Lignum
Araceae  See - Calamus
Araceae  See - Jack In The Pulpit 
Araceae  See - Pinellia 
Araceae Family See - Calamus 
Araceae Family See - Fenugreek Seeds 
Araceae Family See - Jack In The Pulpit
Araceae Family See - Skunk Cabbage 
Aragvadha  See - Cassia Fistula 
Aragvadha - Sanskrit See - Cassia Fistula
Aralia Californica See - Aralia Racemosa 
Aralia Californica See - Spikenard 
Aralia Edulis  See - Dong Quai
Aralia Family  See - Siberian Ginseng 
Aralia Nudicaulis  See - Spikenard
Aralia Quinquifolia  See - Spikenard
Aralia Racemosa  See - Aralia Racemosa
Aralia Racemosa  See - Spikenard
Araliaceae See - Ginseng 
Araliaceae See - Pseudoginseng Root
Araliaceae See - Siberian Ginseng
Araliaceae Family  See - Ginseng
Araliaceae Family  See - Ivy
Araliaceae Family  See - Rheumatism Ginseng 
Araliaceae Family  See - Siberian Ginseng 
Araliaceae Family  See - Spikenard
Araliaceae Family  See - Tienchi Ginseng
Arand - Hindi  See - Castor Oil 
Arandano - Spain See - Bilberry
Arar Adi - Kurdistan See - Juniper Berries 
Arbor Vitae  See - Thuja Oil
Arbor-Vitae - United States  See - Thuja
Arborvitae - Hungary See - Thuja 
Arborvitaeamerican - United States See - Thuja 
Arbre Aux Cent Gouts - Haiti See - Mugwort 
Arbre De Fer - French  See - Mesua Ferrea 
Arbutus  See - Uva Ursi 
Arctium  See - Burdock Seed 
Arctium Lappa  See - Burdock Root 
Arctium Lappa  See - Burdock Seed 
Arctium Lappa L. See - Burdock Seed
Arctium Minus - Also Used  See - Burdock Root 
Arctium Tomentosum See - Burdock Root
Arctostaphylos Uva Ursi  See - Uva Ursi 
Arctostaphylos Uva-Ursi  See - Uva Ursi 
Arctostaphylus Uva-Ursi  See - Uva Ursi 
Arctum Lappa  See - Burdock Root 
Arctum Minimus See - Burdock Root
Ardaka ( Fresh)  See - Ginger 
Ardic - Turkey See - Juniper Berries 
Ardij Aghaji - Turkey  See - Juniper Berries
Ardraka  See - Ginger 
Areca Catechu L. See - Betelnut
Areca Peel See - Betelnut
Areca Seeds  See - Betelnut 
Arecae Catechu See - Betelnut
Arhat Fruit  See - Momordica Fruit
Arillus Euphoriae Longanae See - Longan Berries
Arisaema See - Jack In The Pulpit
Arisaema Consanguineum Schott  See - Jack In The Pulpit 
Arisaema Maculatum See - Jack In The Pulpit
Arisaema Triphyllum  See - Jack In The Pulpit 
Arishta  See - Neem 
Aristolochia See - Aristolochia
Aristolochia Debilis Sieb. Et Zucc.  See - Aristolochia 
Aristolochia Fruit See - Aristolochia
Aristolochiaceae See - Aristolochia
Aristolochiaceae See - Wild Ginger 
Aristolochiaceae Family  See - Wild Ginger
Arjaka - Sanskrit  See - Tulasi 
Arjun  See - Arjun
Arjuna See - Arjun 
Arjuna Myrobalan See - Arjun 
Arliaceae Family See - Ginseng 
Armoise - Haiti  See - Mugwort
Armoracia Rusticana  See - Horseradish
Armoraciae Lapathifolia  See - Horseradish
Arnebia  See - Gromwell 
Arnebia Euchroma ( Royle) Johnst.  See - Gromwell 
Arnica See - Arnica
Arnica - Chile See - Arnica
Arnica - Spain See - Arnica
Arnica Montana See - Arnica
Arnoglossa - United Kingdom  See - Plantain 
Arogya Vardhani  See - Arogyvardhini
Arogyvardhini  See - Arogyvardhini
Aromatic Bean Leaf See - Patchouli 
Aromatic Madder ( E. Splendens)  See - Madder Root
Aromatica Salisb.  See - Zedoaria 
Aronknolle - German  See - Jack In The Pulpit 
Arpa - Turkey  See - Barley Grass 
Arqityon - Iraq  See - Burdock Root 
Arrayan - Spain  See - Myrtle Oil 
Arrow Root See - Arrow Root
Arroz - Dominican Republic See - Glutinous Rice Roots
Arroz - Puerto Rico  See - Glutinous Rice Roots 
Arroz - Spain  See - Glutinous Rice Roots 
Arsoghna - Sanskrit  See - Surana 
Artemesia  See - Mugwort
Artemesia Dracunculus  See - Tarragon Oil 
Artemesia Vulgaris See - Mugwort 
Artemisa - Dominican Republic  See - Wormwood 
Artemisa - Spain See - Mugwort 
Artemisia Abrotanum - A Variety  See - Wormwood 
Artemisia Absinthium See - Wormwood
Artemisia Annua L. See - Wormwood
Artemisia Argyi Levl. Et Vant. See - Mugwort 
Artemisia Dracunculus  See - Tarragon Oil 
Artemisia Pauciflora See - Wormseed
Artemisia Vulgaris See - Mugwort 
Artemisia Vulgaris See - Wormwood
Articaceae Family  See - Hops 
Artichaut - Haiti  See - Artichoke
Artichoke  See - Artichoke
Artichoke - Europe See - Artichoke 
Arum - French  See - Jack In The Pulpit 
Arum - Pennsylvania  See - Jack In The Pulpit 
Arum Family  See - Calamus
As - Iraq  See - Myrtle Oil 
Asa Al Raey - Iraq See - Knotgrass 
Asafoetida See - Asafoetida
Asafoetida Ferula  See - Asafoetida 
Asarum See - Wild Ginger 
Asarum Canadense See - Wild Ginger 
Asarum Canadensis  See - Wild Ginger
Asarum Sieboldii Miq.  See - Wild Ginger
Asava Pepper See - Kava Kava 
Asbaragus - Iraq See - Asparagus Root
Asclepiadaceae Family  See - Condurango Bark
Asclepiadaceae Family  See - Pleurisy Root
Asclepiadaceae Family  See - Shardunika 
Asclepiade Tubereux - French See - Pleurisy Root 
Asclepias Sp.  See - Pleurisy Root
Asclepias Tuberosa See - Pleurisy Root 
Asclepideceae Family See - Pleurisy Root 
Ascophyllum Nodosum  See - Kelp 
Asenyaku - Japanese  See - Gambir 
Ash Pumpkin  See - Sveta Kusmanda 
Ash Sherka Al Mubaraka - Iraq  See - Blessed Thistle
Ashok  See - Ashok
Ashoka See - Ashok 
Ashvagandha  See - Ashwaganda 
Ashwaganda See - Ashwaganda
Ashwagandha  See - Ashwaganda 
Asian Dandelion  See - Dandelion Root 
Asiatic Plantain See - Plantain
Asiatic Plantain Seed  See - Psyllium 
Asilbent - Turkey  See - Benzoin
Ask-For-Trouble  See - Ephedra
Aslankulagi - Turkey See - Blue Cohosh 
Aslankuyrugu - Turkey  See - Motherwort 
Aslanpencesi - Turkey  See - Lady’s Mantle
Asmania  See - Ephedra Root 
Asoka  See - Ashok
Asparagus  See - Asparagus Root 
Asparagus - English  See - Shatavari
Asparagus - Europe See - Asparagus Root
Asparagus Abscendens See - Shatavari 
Asparagus Adscendens See - White Musali
Asparagus Cochinchinensis ( Lour.) Merr. See - Asparagus Root
Asparagus Gonoclados See - Shatavari 
Asparagus Officinalis  See - Asparagus Root 
Asparagus Racemosus  See - Shatavari
Asparagus Root See - Asparagus Root
Asparagus Sarmentosis  See - Shatavari
Asparagus Sub-Family See - Butcher’s Broom 
Asparagus Tuber  See - Asparagus Root 
Aspen  See - Poplar 
Aspen - Europe See - Poplar
Aspen - Willow Fruit See - Matrimony Vine
Asperge - Haiti  See - Asparagus Root 
Asphalt  See - Shilajit 
Asphaltum  See - Shilajit 
Aspidium Filix-Mas See - Male Fern 
Aspidum Felix-Mas  See - Male Fern
Ass - Greece See - Myrtle Oil
Aster  See - Aster Root 
Aster Family See - Echinacea 
Aster Root See - Aster Root
Aster Tartaricus See - Aster Root
Aster Tataricus L. See - Aster Root
Asteracea  See - Burdock Root 
Asteraceae Family  See - Alpine Ragwort 
Asteraceae Family  See - Arnica 
Asteraceae Family  See - Chamomile
Asteraceae Family  See - Coltsfoot
Asteraceae Family  See - Dandelion Root 
Asteraceae Family  See - Echinacea
Asthma Weed  See - Lobelia
Astragalus See - Astragalus
Astragalus Benryi  See - Astragalus 
Astragalus Boantchy - French See - Astragalus
Astragalus Complanatus R. Br.  See - Astragalus 
Astragalus Hoantchy  See - Astragalus 
Astragalus Membranaceous See - Astragalus
Astragalus Membranaceus  See - Astragalus 
Astragalus Membranaceus ( Fisch.) Bge. See - Astragalus
Astragalus Membranaceus ( Mongbolicus) See - Astragalus
Astragalus Membranicus See - Astragalus
Astragalus Mongolicus  See - Astragalus 
Astragalus Seed  See - Astragalus 
Asutralian Quinine - United States See - Rauwolfia 
Asya Sutasi - Turkey See - Gotu Kola 
At Quyroughi - Turkey  See - Horsetail
Atanshi - Japanese See - Brucea Javanica 
Athemis Nobilis  See - Chamomile
Atkestanesi - Turkey See - Horse Chestnut
Atkuyrugu - Turkey See - Horsetail 
Atmagupta  See - Kapikacchu 
Atractylodes See - Atractylodes
Atractylodes ( Black) Rhizome  See - Atractylodes 
Atractylodes ( White) Rhizome  See - Atractylodes 
Atractylodes Alba  See - Atractylodes 
Atractylodes Lancea Thunb. See - Atractylodes
Atractylodes Macrocephala Koidz. See - Atractylodes
Atropa Belladona See - Belladonna
Atunjaq - Turkey See - Calendula 
Aunlah - Bengali See - Amalaki 
Austrian Foxglove - Digitalis Lantana  See - Foxglove 
Autumn Crocus  See - Colchicum
Ava  See - Kava Kava
Ava Pepper See - Kava Kava 
Avena - Chile  See - Oat Grain
Avena - Spain  See - Oat Grain
Avena Sativa See - Oat Grain 
Avena Sativa See - Oatstraw
Aviculare L. See - Knotgrass 
Ayauhxochitl - Mexico  See - Vervaine 
Ayiuzumu - Turkey  See - Uva Ursi 
Ayrik - Turkey See - Couchgrass
Azadiracta Indica  See - Neem 
Azafran - Spain  See - Saffron
Azafran - Venezuela  See - Safflower
Azakegeri - Turkey See - Calamus