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Healing Medicine

A Complete Guide to Safer Healing

Steve Blake, ScD, Doctor of Holistic Health

Created in response to the growing need for a
safer and more effective health care system,
Healing Medicine provides natural self-care
solutions that teach you how to create a lifetime of health without drugs.

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Key Features:


Reduce your risk of chronic diseases such as

cancer & heart disease. Learn to cleanse and

strengthen body systems. Avoid the secret

dangers of food processing. Discover a

deeper diagnosis that reveals the true

causes of disease. Learn to avoid the perils of

modern medicine. Find out how to prevent

stress and dynamically relax. We need a new

medical system that starts with guarding our

health, continues with safer, natural approaches,

and is completed with powerful medical techniques.


This book is full of new ideas!

"A very thorough analysis of the state of modern medicine...a very balanced approach"

Charles Inlander, author of Medicine on Trial.





320 pages, $22.95 ISBN 0-9755016-7-4 HEALING MEDICINE A Complete Guide to Safer Healing Wholesale Orders Please Email (mail@naturalhealthwizards.com)

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