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Autism: A Spectrum of Improvement

My goal in writing this book is to present safe methods to improve behavior in autism spectrum disorder individuals. The therapies presented here are chosen because there are clinical studies in medical journals verifying their effectiveness. I hope to help readers understand some of the dietary factors that may improve behavior.


The Diet Doctor dietary analysis software

This is the latest nutrition software with dietary analysis visually displaying colorful charts of your nutrition. See how much of any nutrient you are getting and which foods contributed to your nutrition. Hundreds of new foods listed. New! Essential fatty acids and their ratio, Percent of calories as fat and saturated fat.

Healing Medicine, A Complete Guide to Safer Healing

Created in response to the growing need for a safer and more effective health care system, Healing Medicine provides natural self-care solutions that teach you how to create a lifetime of health without drugs.

No More Heart Attacks

Heart attacks happen when arterial plaque clogs a heart artery. We can reduce our arterial plaque with our food choices. We can also reduce inflammation inside our arteries to slow arterial disease. Learn more about healthy and unhealthy fats and oils. Learn more anout antioxidants, cholesterol, and trans fats.

Stop Strokes, Before They Start

Learn about stroke risk factors that you can control. How does the arterial plaque get built up to trigger a stroke? Which foods reduce stroke risk? How to defend your brain from inflammation and oxidation. Can certain supplements lower risk? A plan for stroke risk reduction.

Healthy Recipes for Friends Cookbook by Catherine Blake

Enjoy delightful recipes, comfort foods, amusing anecdotes, and colorful photos. Original recipes will guide you to new tastes that are easy to prepare. Dairy-free, whole-plant recipes will delight your palate.

Parkinson's Disease Cookbook by Catherine Blake

Can protein affect movement disorders? Find out how to make delicious healthy toppings! Are dairy products helpful or harmful for Parkinson’s disease? What about organic food? A fun, helpful recipe book and guide to nutritional health for those with Parkinson’s disease. Make a few changes for long-term health!

The Herb Doctors, Wisdom of the Experts

See where Herb Doctors from 54 countries agree. With 40,000 new facts added by Steve Blake, ScD, Master Herbalist, Registered Herbalist, AHG. Quick reference software that finds the right medicinal plants for clinical and home use. Includes 6600 unique health conditions and diseases. 168,000 footnotes. Perfect for formulating.

Vitamins and Minerals Demystified

(McGraw-Hill) Encapsulating the science behind vitamins and minerals. Need to understand how vitamins and minerals work but find dense texts difficult to absorb? Here's your panacea! Vitamins & Minerals Demystified makes it easy to digest information on everything from A to zinc. This essential guide explains the crucial role vitamins and minerals play in nutrition and physiology. $19.95.

Herbal Reference E-Books

Herbal Property Dictionary, Medicinal Plant Names, Medicinal Plant Actions, Constituents of Medicinal Plants - 2 Books




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